Products for Industrial IoT

Affluent Water Management for Pharmaceutical Industry

The Pharmaceutical industry has stringent requirement imposed by the governments regarding the disposal of affluent (waste) water.

Any discrepancy here can result in huge fines and even suspension of operations. Our affluent water management and control system can regularly monitor the crucial parameters (TDS, EC, DO) and can alert (alarm, sms) for remote access and control.

The system can easily be customized with different sensors to suit other industries where affluent water management is a necessity.

Automation for Homes and Apartment Complexes

Quite often in the developing world the residential and commercial buildings use tanks and wells to store and supply water for daily use.

Our water level monitoring and alerting system can maintain the level of water required for uninterrupted water supply by turning on/off automatically the pump (that supplies water from borewell or underground tank).

The system can also alert the user (alarm/buzzer) in case the ground water level is too low.