Smart Farming Solutions


The aquaculture business is a very lucrative business with high returns. But it is also prone to high risks with water quality being crucial for the sustainability of the aqua life.

Any untoward variations in the water quality (pH, dissolved oxygen content, Temperature) can have a very quick and adverse impact on the fish life. Our IoT based Aquaculture monitoring system can take water quality measurements every 1 hr which is then made available to the user’s smartphone via the cloud.

The system also alerts the user (sms, alarm) if a parameter falls out of the limits and can also automatically take the appropriate action (turning on water circulating fans)

Smart Irrigation

The farming and agriculture industry in India is very traditional with lot of scope for improvement both in yield and reducing costs.

Our smart irrigation concept system is aimed at automated irrigation system that can schedule water supply based on sensor inputs (soil moisture, temperature, humidity, weather patterns).

The system will be customized per field based on crop, soil type etc.