Smart Artificially Intelligent Grower Environment

Increasing Profitability with Smart Farming

  • SAIGE is defining a new era of controlled environment farming, powered by data and focused on sustainable profits.

  • The smart climate control system is connected by IoT (Internet of Things) for farms, and enabled by Navariti's dedicated team of Field Staff.

  • Whatever your level of technology adoption, SAIGE is designed to increase profits, improve sustainability and eliminate wasted resources.



Water Demands

  • SAIGE is offered together with partnered solutions and a marketplace, so that the grower eco-system can ensure profitability. 
  • The solution is delivered a subscription model with a promise to deliver profitability on a continuous basis.

  • SAIGE Field Staff will ensure the successful installation of the system and provide on-going technical support to your farm

How SAIGE Works

  • SAIGE works autonomously to measure and maintain optimal production output. Four key elements work together around the central data collected at your farm.

Measure + Monitor

  • Soil moisture, temperature and humidity are constantly measured and the data stored in the database.

Autonomous Action

  • Actions, such as the start and end of irrigation, are auto-triggered, based on the real-time readings.


  • The farmer is sent alerts, which can be processed without internet to improve accessibility to the system

External Data

  • Live data feeds such as weather and crop prices are processed by SAIGE and corrective actions are taken.

Complete Control with SAIGETM

  • System Controls Soil Moisture, Temperature, Relative Humidity, Flow Rate
  • System Features Real-time actions, Instant alerts, Wireless Control, Remote updates, External data feeds
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